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3D is the place to be…

March 16, 2010

My family and I recently went on vacation to Walt Disney World. We were so excited that Alice in Wonderland came out in theaters while we were on our trip. Little did we know that it would be an experience of a lifetime…

We arrived at the theater in Downtown Disney and were given the option to watch the movie in 3D and then we were given the option to watch the movie in ETX.  It was the most incredible movie experience I have ever had, including some IMAX adventures that turned me green. As we left the theater, I told my husband that I had read earlier that day that Panasonic was producing several 3D televisions and that I am starting to see how this would all come together and how this technology could be used in the classroom.

I was at TCEA just a month ago and was amazed to see that Texas Instruments and DLP are selling a 3D projector.  I enjoyed the demo, but walked away wondering how our districts could truly integrate this technology into the classroom. I have since changed my mind.  3D will, without a doubt, be the most engaging experience students can have in the classroom. But, how can we use this technology to bring to life curriculum standards?

Then it struck me, we have spent a lifetime “teaching” 3 dimensional concepts in a 2 dimensional medium. Using one simple example, the solar system, we can go from models that are almost impossible to scale in the classroom to a tour of the entire solar system with scaled distances, sizes, and relationships.

However, one of the goals of technology integration is to have the students use technology in a problem solving situation. Guess, what’s coming next? 3D cameras…

I would love to hear your feedback and experiences with 3D. There are many projectors on the market that are selling for the same price as an average projector and they will still project in 2D. Do you think your district will ever invest in this technology?

Come discuss 3D projection and integration at the Teachers Technology Academy, (June 29-30, 2010) the District Technology Leaders Academy (July 7-9, 2010), or the Administrators Technology Academy (August 2-3, 2010).

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