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Fridays with your iPad/iPod…not really iPhone today…How do they know my current location????

May 7, 2010

I was working on my iPad at the Astros game earlier this week and believe me it was much more interesting than the game. I decided I wanted to look at a map on my Maps App and it asked me if it could use my current location. I checked OK and to my surprise the iPad knew my location. I don’t have a 3G iPad. So, how could it possibly know my location? Well, the answer is the stuff big blockbusters are made of. The WiFi version of the iPad uses a database of public WiFi hotspots to determine your general location. The iPad does not have GPS hardware, however through “triangulation” (not really, but I think you get the idea) the application can determine, through the IP address of the wireless server you are using, a best guess for where you are. If you are at all like my husband and do not want anyone to know your exact location, you can turn off the location services feature by clicking on Settings, General and turning off the Location Services.

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