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Fridays with your iPad…Yes you can project the Internet!

September 10, 2010

There has been much discussion surrounding the iPad and its VGA capabilities. Most educators want to get the most utility out of the device and hope to be able to project presentations and Internet resources. Behold! the VGA connector.

If only it were only that simple…Having a VGA connector will only get you so far. You have to have the applications that will support it. After much research I have found some applications that allow teachers to use the iPad on a whole new level. Here are a few of my favorite applications:

Keynote: $9.99

Allows you to upload a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation and project it right from your iPad. It even includes a pointer feature for VGA mode.

Netflix: Free Application, $8.99 per month subscription

With a monthly prescription to Netflix, you can stream movies from your iPad through your VGA connection, or you can purchase the A/V adapter and stream right to your television.

VGA expedition Browser: $0.99

Display your this browser through your VGA adapter and let your participants see the Internet right from your iPad. This powerful application has full screen capability, smooth scrolling and a real time laser pointer.

With these capabilities, the iPad may truly be a replacement for netbooks and laptops for presenters. I would love to hear if you have any other VGA tools for the iPad.

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