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10 iPad apps to project with VGA

September 27, 2010

I love to watch the growth of VGA apps in the iTunes store. It seems developers are working to fill the need of educators and presenters who have been begging for opportunities to project from their iPads. Here are ten apps you can use with your VGA Connector (all descriptions are from the iTunes Store):

Keynote is the powerful presentation app from iWork, completely reworked for iPad and Multi-Touch. So you can do everything on iPad with a tap or drag of your finger — from creating your first slide to presenting your work.
Whiteboard is a collaborative drawing app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Experience better doodling with Whiteboard’s smooth, fluid markers.

Used by over 3.6 million people, Whiteboard offers real-time collaborative picture creation. Connect with any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth peer-to-peer, and discover what happens when the fingers of two minds work together.

Drawing Features:

✓ VGA output to a monitor, display, or projector via the iPad VGA adapter!
✓ Open any image or photo from the Photos app!
✓ Draw on top of photos and screenshots!
✓ Save your drawings!
✓ Change your marker transparency (opacity)!
✓ Choose any color you want, with the new full-spectrum color picker!
✓ Better drawing quality!

WebProjector lets you output any website to external screen using the Apple iPad VGA connector.

– minimal interface, full-screen browsing experience
– auto-hiding toolbar, one-touch on screen to bring it back
– bookmarks
– textured background and mobile device border on external screen
– or just full-screen website project, switch it anytime
– auto-rotate device appearance with animation
– use webproj://[url] to start presenting from any other apps
– show PDF files on the website to your audience
– even plays videos on the website to your audience

VGA Expedition is the first VGA out web browser for the iPad. Expedition uses the VGA out iPad accessory to display the web content you see in Expedition on the iPad screen to an external display TV/LCD/projector.

Expedition is great a companion when doing presentations with Keynote on the iPad. If you ever need to display something from the web when doing a presentation then Expedition is for you. We’ve even added a Laser Pointer mode for highlighting pages of the web page when doing your presentation.

* Also works with component and composite iPod accessories.

* Expedition can also display video that can play within the browser on an external display. Watch HTML5 video from CBS, YouTube, CNN, and more on your external display connected by VGA, Composite, or Component out. Uses native QuickTime player when playing html5 video. When video is played it is shown through the external display, it does not play on the iPad during that time.

Sundry Notes: Write, draw, research, record and share! Take notes of any kind and use the built-in Evernote + Dropbox + Google Docs + Facebook integration. The ultimate multi-media note taking application!

Put away the paper – school and work are easier with Sundry Notes.

Thank you everybody for helping us become the #1 most downloaded iPad application!

Sundry Notes is the first social note taking application. Write, draw, record and research right within the app – and then share your notes with others.

Take notes right within your application, including:
* Write text (and change font color, size, etc.)
* Draw anywhere in your notes
* Search Wikipedia, Google, and Google Books – and grab images from them for your notes using two fingers
* Import PDFs from the internet
* Import images from your photo library
* Import from Evernote + Google Docs + Dropbox
* Record sound/voice
* Change page background to graph paper, lined paper, legal paper, etc.
* Bookmark parts of your notes
* Have more than one note open at a time with tabs

The innovative sharing feature in Sundry Notes means:
* You can sync your notes on the Amazon Cloud so that even if you lose your iPad, you can get your notes back
* You can share your notes using Facebook, Twitter, and Google/Picasa
* You can email your notes as a PDF to yourself or friends
* You can send notes to your computer to be printed
* Show off your notes using an external monitor and VGA output

“ShowAnytime” takes you to new cool and efficient presentation environment! You can play smart and effective presentations with “ShowAnytime” at anytime, anyplace immediately, without a laptop PC or the laser pointer.

[PDF, PowerPoint slide indication]
“ShowAnytime” can show(*) Microsoft PowerPoint2003(.ppt) files and Acrobat files (.pdf).

The Power Presenter application is for Presentations. If you save a powerpoint as a PDF file, this app will help you do the presentation on projector. If you can upload your file to a web site, it also can present that website for you. It automatically detects the projector and sends the signal to the projector when connecting with the VGA cable. It actually mirrors the screen to the projector using software. Therefore, you cannot only see the presentation on the iPad screen but also on the projector. No need to turn your head back all the time as in Keynote. You can now also draw, highlight text on the slides and send your drawing to email. It also contains a blackboard and web content presenter so you can write your formula on a whiteboard or blackboard and show video clips using a single app. It is great tool for education.

To upload the PDF file to this application, just go to the iTunes->iPad->Apps->File Sharing, Select the PDFPresenter on the list, drag your PDF files to the “PDFPresenter Documents” window.

To upload the PDF from email, just hold down the attached file icon, then open it with Power Presenter.

Support landscape powerpoint slides page size: 8.5×5.0

Feature hightlight:
✔ Show Presentation on projector and iPad screen
✔ Able to use finger to write text on the slides
✔ Able to draw, Highlight text on the slides
✔ Add blackboard with instant smooth line drawing
✔ Send the web content (browser) to projector which means you can present the slides and the web browser on the projector without leaving this application. Therefore, you can show the video during the presentation.
✔ Web content presentation supports the file format such as PDF, Powerpoint, keynote, etc. You will need upload the file to the web in order to use Web content presentation.
✔ Able to send the drawing to an email.

Imagine plugging your iPad into a projector during a meeting and using it as a digital whiteboard everyone can see. Then just click the email button to forward copies of the session out to team members. How cool is that?

JotBook provides a simple-to-use but very functional digital notebook. Sketch your thoughts out then share via email with one button.

* Tired of losing important pages of notes?

* Tired of making photocopies of notes to share them?

* Need better organization of your hand-written notes?

* Want a quick and easy digital notebook?

Share your Thoughts on the BIG-SCREEN

Just plug in an external display and JotPad automatically mirrors drawing to the external display.

Sketch your Thoughts

Don’t type your thoughts – sketch them out in color easily with JotBook.

Share your Thoughts via Email

Want to share an entry you created – just click the email button and your multi-page entry is exported straight into an email.

Group your Thoughts in Multiple Pages

Group related thoughts or notes together as pages in a single entry, which are time-stamped. You can have as many pages as you want for each entry. Create entries for meetings, or ideas, then add pages as you need.

No need to scroll around a giant canvas to find your place, just add a new page to your entry with the + button.

Line Smoothing

Your lines get smoothed out with basic line smoothing so curves look better

Extra touch rejection

Unlike other drawing apps, JotBook ignores extra touches after you start drawing, that way you can rest your palm on the screen (palm rejection) – JotBook keeps track of the first touch and only draws those

Multiple Pen Types

Draw text with the fine point pen, use the highlighter, ball point or the thick paintbrush for wide strokes.

No Need to Type

Sketch out your thoughts, JotBook stamps your entries with the date and time and provides an area to write out your entry’s title, which you can preview in the entry list.

Built for the iPad and Design for You

Written for the iPad…. this app takes advantage of the large iPad screen, with plenty of room to write out your thoughts in portrait or landscape, designed for the way you take notes.

Works great with your Pogo Sketch / Pogo Stylus

Draw with your finger, or pickup a Pogo Sketch or similar stylus and really make taking notes a snap

Entries are multi-paged and fit nicely on the screen. No need to scroll-around to find your spot. Just create another page.

iMeetingPad replaces the standard notepad you used to bring to meetings before the iPad era dawned. Does your notepad connect to the projector? Can your notepad bring the applause or laugh track? Can it wake dozing colleagues with a cock crow? iMeetingPad can!

Of course you will type serious notes or make silly doodles, but iMeetingPad also helps you with your sketching with basic drawing tools and a collection of clip-art images to drop in. Unlike your old paper pad, iMeetingPad offers unlimited pages in unlimited separate documents (meetings). Also unlike your old system, you can edit your doodles, shapes, images and text at any time, move, size, rotate them or change their color with ease. Easily swipe through your pages of notes and enjoy Apple’s standard but sexy page turn graphics, or just jump to any page instantly, with a touch.

And iMeetingPad supports your projector, letting you send your notes and graphics out to a projector or TV connected using Apple’s video adapter cable (not included). Draw on your iPad while your colleagues watch in awe and envy on the big screen.

iMeetingPad also lets you save your notes to a PDF file and email them directly from within the app. Any text typed into the pad is also extracted from the PDF and included in the body of your email, making it easy to paste into your desktop applications or search for in your email system. Of course you can just delete all that from the email, and spend the meeting writing totally unrelated emails… we won’t tell.

iMeetingPad was designed from the ground up for your iPad by a team that has had professional business apps on the AppStore since opening day.

The most downloaded graphing calculator for the iPhone/iPod is now available for the iPad. The GUI has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the iPad’s bigger screen.

Graphing Calculator HD turns your iPad into an intuitive high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator. Features include the following:

– Includes a powerful, yet easy to use scientific calculator.

– Quickly plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph.

– Pinch to zoom and drag/slide for scrolling the graph in real time.

– Custom keyboard designed to enter equations and mathematical expressions quickly.

– The application supports portrait and landscape modes on every screen.

– Take screen shots or e-mail high resolution graphs to yourself.

– Evaluate your graphs at any x value using the calculator screen.

– Find the exact (x,y) coordinates for roots, intersections, minimums and maximums using the trace mode.

– Supports graphing and tracing polar and parametric equations.

– Video output support using Apple’s iPad dock connector to VGA adapter.

– Currently supports the following functions: log, log2, log10, ln, exp, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh, csc, sec, cot, gamma, lgamma, nCr, nPr, min, max, degrees to radians, radians to degrees, absolute value, square root, ceiling, floor, and mod.

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